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Month: February 2017

Re: [trinity-users] To launch kmix at graphic tde boot session

From: andre_debian@...
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 15:16:40 +0100
On Monday 06 February 2017 13:54:34 Stefan Krusche wrote:
> Am Montag 06 Februar 2017 schrieb andre_debian@...:
> > In fact, the solution to tick the box in kmix configuration,
> > puts the icon in the taskbar, and too,
> > launches kmix on the desktop on graphic boot.
> > (that I don't want) :

> Yes, you sure don't want that. On my system it does not behave like that.

Maybe, if we adopt ONE of this solution :
autostart ticked in kmix configuration, 

> > The good solution consists to add kmix in the directory :
> > /home/<user>/.trinity/Autostart/kmix.desktop

> And I don't have that file in my .trintiy/Autostart directory :
> But I vaguely remember to have seen that behavior you described 
> quite a while  ago. Unfortunately I can't remember for what reason 
> that behavior had vanished :

> Do you run the latest stable version of TDE, R14.0.4 ? :

I have the R14.0.5 version (development),
after an upgrade of my Debian, Jessie to Jessie 8.7.