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Month: February 2017

OAuth in KMail?

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2017 10:44:51 -0500
greetings, everybody . . .

this morning i received a fairly alarming note from my ISP, who apparently 
farms out its mail handling to yahoo (and yahoo seems to have belatedly 
gotten interested in security). the note specified that i am not using a 
sufficiently secure mail client (KMail in TDE) and that in a few weeks 
OAuth will be required.

an admittedly brief search has not produced information as to whether this 
is something that can be enabled in KMail in TDE or, if so, how to enable 
it. is this something that has come up before? if so, how was it resolved? 
and if it hasn't, any solutions?

thanks very much.

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