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Month: April 2017

konqueror can not read directories named ##xxxxxx

From: kanenas@...
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 13:42:12 -1000
Running the latest 14 tde on the latest debian Jessie.
Had a manual backup and in it i had two directories with their names being 
##00bla1 and ##00bla2. When i plugged that drive thru a usb port, opening the 
partition with conqueror resulted in useless recursive openings of the two 
directories, nothing readable. After i opened the same partition with thunar 
file manager i was able to see both files starting with ##00, then i was able 
to graphically change the names of the directories (in thunar), and, after ## 
was removed from the very front of the name directory, the directories became 
visible and accessible in conqueror.
should it be this way?