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Month: April 2017

Re: [trinity-users] What version of Ubuntu?

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2017 19:34:38 -0400
Sebasti´┐Żo Guerra composed on 2017-04-25 19:44 (UTC-0300):

> You guys recommend Ubuntu or Debian for best compatibility with TDE? Or no
> differences?

Ubuntu is based on Debian. There should be no compatibility differences.

The biggest difference between them is something TDE adherents don't use,
Ubuntu's customized Gnome/Unity/Mate Desktop Environment. Secondarily, Ubuntu is
supposedly easier for those less technically inclined, but most of that is about
the DE. So which to choose really depends on your own personality and use case.
If you are more of a do-it-yourself type, you may be happier with Ubuntu. If you
want more extensive control, you may be happier with Debian, but again, such
differences are mostly under the covers. While running TDE it's not easy to tell
which it's running on, until it comes to following internet instructions that
depend on running something in a terminal. Ubuntu employs sudo, which by default
means there is no superuser, the opposite of Debian.

The time of release of your choice maybe should play a part as well. If you have
any doubt, choosing the later released if your hardware is newer might be wise.
Choosing the later released also gets a longer support life if it's an LTS
release, which only 1 out of 4 Ubuntus are.
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