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Month: April 2017

Re: [trinity-users] What version of Ubuntu?

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 01:32:12 -0400
Thierry de Coulon composed on 2017-04-26 06:57 (UTC+0200):

> On Wednesday 26 April 2017 01.34:38 Felix Miata wrote:

>> Sebasti´┐Żo Guerra composed on 2017-04-25 19:44 (UTC-0300):

>> > You guys recommend Ubuntu or Debian for best compatibility with TDE? Or
>> > no differences?

>> Ubuntu is based on Debian. There should be no compatibility differences.

> However, Ubuntu is not based on Debian stable. That does make a difference. 
> This means Debian is ill suited to older hardware (kernel 3.16 for Jessie, 
> for example).

As you wrote you've implied that unstable is better for older hardware than is
stable. Is that what you meant? Most advanced users probably would say the
opposite, stable best for older hardware, less likely to break hardware support
before security support ends.

FWIW, I have at least twice as many Debian installations as I do *buntu.

> I would like to mention SolydXK, a rolling distribution based on Debian 
> stable. Works very well, comes with sudo but easily converted to su (*much* 
> easyer than Ubuntu) and I could even install kernel 4.8 without any problem.

Easy on *buntu, simply 'sudo passwd root' plus a password makes root ready to use.
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