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Month: May 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity and multiple screens (in X sense)

From: Nick Koretsky <nick_koretsky@...>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 11:59:15 +0300
On Thu, 11 May 2017 04:42:12 -0400
Felix Miata <mrmazda@...> wrote:

> >> 
> >> seems to describe what you are actually after, but I'm not sure I
> >> understand what you are after, other than avoiding the screen locking
> >> problem that I'm not finding here. I know I'm using one Xorg "screen",
> >> and don't think I understand what problem multiple Xorg "screens" would
> >> solve for you. --   
> > Each screen has its own coordinate system, so it avoids all problems
> > stemming from "0:0 is an upper left corner always". The tradeoff is that
> > you cant move windows between screens.  
> I don't understand what trouble '0:0 upper left corner always' creates. My
> screenshot's "HDTV" is at 0,0 left of my 1920x1200 at 1920,0 to match the
> room physics, so mouse on session start moved left goes left, moved right
> goes right, moved down hits menu starter, panel is on right screen, I can
> move apps between screens and have windows straddle screens. ???

I explained that to your once, but you seems to have missed it :)

 This not a big problem when you screen setup is permanent, there could be
 some problems with fullscreen games but nothing critical, but as soon as
 you want you additional, sometimes off sometimes on, monitor to be left one
 everything goes bonkers. Because every time you connect/disconnect it
 display coordinates of you main (right) monitor change. And that means
 that all windows with pinned positions and all maximized windows starts
 jumping around, you can no longer force programs to start at certain
 position because that position is different depending on whenever second
 display is connected or not.

  Nick Koretsky (nick.koretsky@...)