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Month: May 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Setting up power-off icon

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 13:41:36 +0200
Hi Lisi!

The easy way:

Add this line to /etc/sudoers:

%users ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/poweroff

You might want to change change "%users" to the name of the user. Otherwise anybody in the "users"-group is allowed to do power off.

Now crate a Shortcut on the Desktop that executes "sudo /sbin/poweroff"

Test ... but be aware, that the session is not saved!


Am Montag, 29. Mai 2017 schrieb Lisi Reisz:
> I want to set up a large power-off button, with an icon, preferably on the 
> desktop but on the panel would do.  The ordinarily available one will not do 
> because this is for someone with very poor sight and the ordinary power-off 
> button is inextricably linked with lock screen.  Well, I can't extricate it.  
> I THINK I can manage the three other large icons that are needed on the 
> desktop, but this one has stymied me.
> I could rephrase the question: how do I produce an icon that, when clicked, 
> operates /sbin/poweroff.
> Jessie with TDE 14, installed from Slávek's repositories.
> Replacing a badly scammed Windows 7!
> Help!!
> Lisi
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