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Month: December 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Latest on Linux on tablets with (please Lord) Trinity?

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 16:28:40 -0500
said Thierry de Coulon:
| OK, so after some time trying I can come back with the following
| results:
| While Linux does run on the Sony Vaio Tap11, this machine is not
| reliable. I had a lot of difficulties getting things to run correctly -
| and the (second hand) machine ended hanging itself (battery problem
| seems). And as the battery is not removable and the reset did not
| work...
| The Microsoft Surface Pro 2, on the other hand, works better than I ever
| dreamed. I have got:
| - Windows 10 pro "working". I don't like the OS but it's clearly more
| advanced than Linux on the "touch" side. I keep it for some PDF editing
| and because it's one of the "official" OSes at work (our IT people know
| nothing about Linux so they pretend it can't work for them).
| - Debian 9 with everything working except screen calibration when
| rotated. I still have to work on that one. Touchscreen, active pen,
| suspend and hibernate (over systemctl) working.
| - To do this I had to deactivate secure boot, so I get a red "surface"
| screen at boot (never mind). Debian boots from grub2 but I installed
| refind to have a touch enabled boot screen and that works.
| - I had problems because the Linux GUI does not let me enable palm
| rejection. I found a script that does that, but the pen's xinput ID
| changes frequently. I ended up writing a small tcl/tk app that lets me
| enable / disable the touchscreen, so now I can annotate pdfs on the
| screen (unfortunately only in landscape mode).
| -Trinity work well in touch mode if you increase fonts and icons a
| little. Not the most beautiful screen ever but I can live with it.
| Thierry

This is wonderful news -- thanks very much!

I'll have now to undertake doing it myself!


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