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Month: December 2017

Re: [trinity-users] linux phone, ultra portable, the universe, and everything!

From: Frank Lienhard <frank@...>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 14:04:55 +0100
Hi everybody,

while interesting, I would suggest to have a look at this device:

It was developed as an successor of the openpandora and will be open
(source and hardware) from the point the first productioin run is on the
It's currently in the final phase of development (read the last Pyra
news Post first to get the latest status).

Since it is ment to be a tiny laptop with gaming controls, you can use
the game controls (nubs) as an excelent pointing device. (you can use
one as a pointing device and the other to emulate mouse clicks.

And it has an internal Display with a 720p resolution, which makes a lot
more sense to me then HD resolution on sich a tiny device).

And it was developed with the support and ideas of the community, which
is finaly using it.

just my 2 cents

On 12/25/2017 07:22 PM, dep wrote:
> merry christmas, everybody!
> did you see the piece in the register today (or maybe yesterday, or 
> saturday) about the new psion or psion-ish device that is a tiny postable 
> computer with keyboard, phone, and so on, that dual boots android *and 
> linux*? this may be the gadget we've been waiting for. the question, of 
> course, is whether it will run trinity. looking at the specs -- 4 gigs of 
> memory and 64 gigs of storage -- i see no reason why it wouldn't. the 
> video is 2160x1080, which ought to work. (it apparently ships with xfce.)
> i do wish it had a better pointing system -- it has a touchscreen, but i'd 
> prefer a pointing stick ala the good thinkpads or the toshiba librettos.
> my sense is that this is the device many of us have been waiting for.
> i'm not rolling in money by any means, but i'm very close to making the 
> leap to pre-order of the wifi-4G version. i'm weary of my little ipad and 
> my blackberry, though still functioning, is, well, a blackberry and 
> whatever rim calls itself nowadays doesn't do proper blackberrys anymore, 
> so this seems just right.
> going crazy here imagining being on a story, shhoting the pictures, putting 
> the card in a SD adapter via usb, opening the GIMP and adjusting color and 
> saturation, and shipping the pictures to the paper, just like that.
> a phone and tiny laptop device for grownups!