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Month: December 2017

more on the gadget

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 10:34:37 -0500
So, doing a little research I find that the Planet Computing Gemini is 
apparently shipped with Debian Stretch. Here's their first video demo from 
a couple of months ago:

It illustrates dual boot, a terminal session, Firefox running (very tiny, I 
think -- they could have done themselves a favor by making it larger), and 
LibreOffice running. All ran pretty quickly.

Especially pleasing to me is that the GIMP is shown running in this story:

There is apparently also a Linux on Android feature which allows the 
running of Linux applications from within an Android boot, with a common 
clipboard and such. What isn't clear is the extent to which other 
resources can be shared -- it's a pain with systems like Virtual Box, 
though a lot can be shared even with that -- or, really, how the running 
of Linux applications works. (There was a way to run Android applications 
on the Blackberry Playbook, which was RIM's answer to calls for 
applications, but it kind of sucked, like the Mirrors ports of Windows 
applications to OS/2.)

Much to be learned, but promising so far. I see no reason why TDE won't 
work perfectly on this little thing. It would need, I suppose, some 
userspace tweaking of fonts and icon size and such, but I expect it to 
work, and happy day when it does!

(If my posting about this is unwanted or off-topic, let me know and I'll 

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