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Month: January 2018

about to bite off more than i can chew

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 13:08:55 -0500
so it seems likely that sometime in the next month the planet computers 
gemini will ship, dual booting android and debian stretch and, apparently, 
allowing linux apps to run under android (though we do not yet know 
whether the inverse is true, which would be useful for, say, telephone 

and amid my excitement i realize that there's a huge amount i don't know 
re. running linux applications on ARM machines. i've been spoiled by the 
ability on x86 machines to be able to add a repository to sources.lst and 
everything just works. my guess is that i'll not be able simply to add the 
trinity debian repository on this gadget and simply do an apt-get to make 
it all work.

so, then, for those experienced in different architectures: is it likely i 
could simply recompile TDE on the machine itself and therefore get working 
binaries (presuming the availability of a compiler for the gadget), or is 
there more -- much, much more, probably -- that i'll need to do? the whole 
purpose of the exercise is to have TDE running usefully on a pocket-sized 
device, and i realize now that i don't even know if binaries would have to 
be specific to a particular device or just what.


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