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Month: January 2018

Re: TQT3 Error

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2018 22:55:26 +0100
Oleg Levenets wrote:

> Hi, is anyone using Trinity for Slackware? On my Slackware 14.2,
> kdesktop is not always loaded, the error seems to be related to tqt3
> and the use of utf-8 encoding in the system. This happens when using
> the smp-kernel, there is no error on the usual kernel. Unfortunately
> I'm not a programmer and I do not know what can be done. I attached a
> log, maybe it will help to understand what might be the matter.
> best regards, Oleg Levenets.

I can't help much, I guess you use 14.0 and here is what I found as it
happened that I had tdebase open. When you say "kdesktop is not always
loaded" - does it mean that it loads sometimes? Under which condition?
In my opinion this is a problem with initializing / reading configuration

But this was changed in master, so might be a newer version would mitigate

Code says kdesktop/

261 KDesktopSettings::instance(kdesktop_name + "rc");

    bool x_root_hack = args->isSet("x-root");
    bool wait_for_kded = args->isSet("waitforkded");

    // This MUST be created before any widgets are created
267 SaverEngine saver;


139 configure();

394 // create a new config obj to ensure we read the latest options
395 KDesktopSettings::self()->readConfig();