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Month: January 2018

Hint: Best way to install TDE on old platforms

From: "John Logsdon" <j.logsdon@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 14:43:42 -0000

Starting with the standard desktop flavour of 16.04, I always managed to
get in a tangle on my old Dell Precision 390 when trying to add Trinity. 
It has an old Quadro NVS 285 video card that works nicely once Trinity is
installed but makes a mess of the default desktop with my dual 1280x1920

I had to blacklist nouveau and install the Nvidea driver, which is far
more than necessary, the latest version won't work anyway, and a real pain
in the derriere.

I suspect people will have similar problems trying many current versions
of Linux with a lot of old kit which is otherwise perfectly adequate and

So just install (Ubuntu 16.04) SERVER (ie no X), upgrade all packages, add
the Trinity repositories then install kubuntu-default-settings-trinity and

Nothing else - it pulls in all the packages required, all 500 odd of them.

No messing with a fuzzy purple screen, you see all the console startup
meesages and then it loads TDE on F7 and of course you can get a command
line login in Ctl-Alt-F1 etc.

Very nice and clean.  Who wants any other desktop?  And why ask for a
bundled Trinity Linux which makes unnecessary extra work?

Perhaps such a hint could be added to the installation guides...

Best wishes


John Logsdon
Quantex Research Ltd
+44 161 445 4951/+44 7717758675