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Month: January 2018

anyone here use PureOS?

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 15:39:37 -0500
Greets, Gang . . .

As I prepare for arrival of the Gemini, and while waiting have heard most 
or all of the rumors, I've been looking for operating system alternatives.

It is supposed to arrive with Android and Debian Stretch in a dual-boot 
configuration. We do not know what the bootloader will be, but there's 
reason to suspect that it'll be some Android thing. Android is, of course, 
little more than a spyware platform on which applications can be run. (And 
in its way IOS is even worse.)

My only concern with Stretch is that best I can tell it doesn't really much 
support telephony.

It was pointed out that Purism ( is at work on a Linux 
phone that it is hoped will be secure. They already have a Debian-based 
distribution with, of course, source code. (

So I'm thinking that it might soon be possible to blow the Android stuff 
and anything else remotely Gappish off the Gemini and replace it with the 
PureOS OS.

Which leads to two questions:

Does anyone here have any experience with PureOS?

Does PureOS play nicely with TDM?

This thing seems very promising -- I just don't know if the promise is 

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