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Month: January 2018

MuseScore2.1 AppImage with Trinity r14.

From: Brian Durant <linux@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 17:13:15 +0100
Hi, I am trying to get my go to program for writing music, MuseScore to 
work with the Trinity desktop. I am aware that Trinity uses aRts for 
sound and I would prefer to keep the default. When starting MuseScore 
with aRts, the MIDI score playback is greyed out. I have been told that 
apulse is a possible alternative to PulseAudio, but I have yet to find 
anyone that has gotten MuseScore to work with aRts or apulse. The 
alternative is of course to install PulseAudio, but I am trying to keep 
Trinity as vanilla as possible, to avoid problems down the line. Does 
anyone on the list use MuseScore with aRts or apulse, and how did you 
get it to work?

I am new to Trinity as I never used KDE 3.5 when it was available, but I 
am loving it now. I have Trinity installed on top of a Devuan (no 
systemd) Jessie minimal cli install. Thanks.