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Month: February 2018

Keyboard Problems us_intl

From: Christian Schmitz <list@...>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:29:26 -0300
Hello everyone:
	I have a opensuse tumbleweed, i found and install TDE since 2 days.
Everything seen right but i have a little problem: MY KEYBOARD.

The situation:
I am spanish talker, but i have a english keyboard. Normally i use us_intl 
variant with sucess. 
Before to install TDE i used Plasma with us_intl without problem, even the 
terminal TTY1 is working us_intl.

The problem:
Now in trinity i see that INTL variant does not work, only english layout. 
I dont know but also dont work the quotation marks so is unposiible write some 
like printf("hello" );  into kate .

The most strange:
Firefox and libreoffice work with the intl variant under TDE (i cant program 
but at least i can write a letter jejejeje)

What tested:
1)system preferences>keyboard layout> generic105key (intl)
Rebooted and nothing
2)Disable keyboards layout
Rebooted and nothing

Also i noted that i have a small applet of IBUS for emojis..... is possible 
disable it? How? I do not use emojis.Can be this are disturbing?
Best Regards 
Be Free, Be Linux