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Month: February 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Re: tips on getting TDE to run smoothly

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 10:53:15 -0800

On Monday 19 February 2018 10:03:11 deloptes wrote:
> Brian Durant wrote:
> > Here is my personal check list to make sure that useful items get added
> > to a minimal install:
> >
> > $ sudo apt-get install clipit axel aria2 aspell-da audacity ripperx
> > xarchiver desktop-base clipit cups gtkorphan gdebi pulseaudio
> > pavucontrol pepperflash wicd synaptic xcfa xorg
> Ok, but this is according your preferences. From what you have listed I
> need to post-install  only pavucontrol. The rest is pulled via the
> dependencies.
> I must admit I have never installed some kind of desktop before installing
> TDE.
> regards

Ultra-minimalist installation! Yes, I believe that this is the true path: 
don't install other DEs; use TDE exclusively. 

My problem, though, has been that I need to have some kind of working system, 
with a usable DE; then I can fiddle with experimental configurations on the 
side. I used to have a partition with a stable, working OS, usually running 
KDE3 or TDE, when possible, while on a separate partition I would experiment 
and learn. 

Now that somebody gave me an old laptop (Sony Vaio), I can try to create a 
system that runs only TDE from the start. But then you must start out running 
everything from a shell, am I right? because you don't yet have TDE 
installed? Sort of like Puppy Linux or one of those distros?  

My other trick has been to save all the downloaded pkgs, figure out which ones 
play well together, save them somewhere in some kind of order, then run 
sudo dpkg -i -E -G /media/<wherever>/*.deb 
After that, I just run 
sudo torify apt-get -f install 
to correct any missing dependencies; and of course add those pkgs to the pool 
of working pkgs. 


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