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Month: February 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Wiki CSS (was: tips on getting TDE to run smoothly)

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 23:32:13 -0500
On Monday 19 February 2018 20:47:06 Felix Miata wrote:

> E. Liddell composed on 2018-02-19 19:15 (UTC-0500):
> > On Mon, 19 Feb 2018 16:49:16 -0500 Felix Miata wrote:
> >> For me, the wiki page above is quite sufficient, once the target
> >> distro installation has been completed. The harder part is finding
> >> that page in the first place. From
> >> it's
> >> not obvious to me that
> >>
> >> 	TDE
> >> 	Documentation
> >>
> >> following
> >>
> >> 	Main page
> >> and
> >> 	Recent changes
> >>
> >> is how to eventually find it. The left column on that page needs to
> >> be wider so that the link is not split over two lines when its font
> >> is forced to a legible size.
> >
> > How large a font size do you need for this to be "legible" to you? 
> > I'm asking as the person who created the modified skin for the TDE
> > wiki--I assumed that 11pt bold Arial/Libre Sans would be sufficient
> > for most people using a normal-sized screen (that is, not a phone or
> > very small tablet), but if a lot of people are having problems, I
> > might have to see about revising it.
> 11pt physical would be a fine and dandy size in that context, but
> specifying 11pt in any "current" web browser other than one using the
> KHTML engine gets you 11px, which can be vastly different from 11pt,
> depending on screen density. CSS since 2.1 or thereabouts made the px
> unit exactly equal to the pt unit, making spec-compliant browsers
> unable to specify accurate physical sizes unless physical screen
> density is equal to 96 DPI. KHTML (Konq) never complied with this
> spec, while Gecko browsers do offer a workaround for those willing to
> write custom rules using its proprietary mozmm unit.
> If you s/11pt/.917rem/ in #mw-navigation on screen.css:64 you should
> get a close approximation of 11pt "physical" size if the near
> universal default 16px/12pt remains in effect in the browser in use,
> and if you are using any moderately recent 100% spec-compliant browser
> (which excludes Konq, which has no rem unit support).
> However, as long as you retain the 170px sidebar width, you'll find
> the same problem with overflow I see here as the user's screen density
> deviates above 96 DPI. s/170px/10.625rem/ for div#mw-panel in
> screen.css:590 might be enough to fix the sidebar width, but doing
> that would undoubtedly create need for other sizing rule adjustments.
> shows what I see. 11px
> CSS equates to 30.25% of my browser's default 12pt (20px) size.

To put that into further perspective, running firefox on wheezy with 
1920x1080 screen, I have to hit the ctrl+ 6 times to get it up to a 
really comfortable reading size on the wiki's front page for these old 
eyes. It starts out with characters nominally 3/32" tall. Readable if I 
lean in to bring my trifocals into focus, but not pleasantly so.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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