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Month: March 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Help Icon Issue

From: "Danny W. Burdick" <burdick@...>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2018 11:15:52 -0400
These are the fish I can think of...

What does Trinity Control Center say? Can you change the icon theme there?

Thierry've opened up a symptom.....good...good...
Found none of the tde installed icons sets would let me change an icon on the desktop using kdesktop/properties/select-icon
But two that had been externally installed worked fine...gnome and adwait

Using Trinity Control Center as root it allowed me to remove all other themes except I wanted to try and rescue crystalSVG so I left it
and exhaustively compared and investigated...but no obvious issues with permissions or missing pieces.

I just wish someone with in-depth knowledge of this issue could tell me where the path or symlink is that tells
Select - Icon Kdesktop where to look for those crystalSVG icons...

I'm pretty sure if I installed an external downloaded theme say the new crystalSVG it would work...but hate to do that...
I even reinstalled
tdebase-data-trinity (crystalSVG actual icons)
tdeartwork           (all the others except mono)
tde-icons-mono-trinity (monochrome)

And it puts them all back but the system still cannot find them...

When you go to desktop and have the system set for any of the tde installed themes now
and you pick out an icon on the desktop
you select properties
and then click on that icon
boom lala land....cursor forever...even let it run overnight...

but if you switch to and externally installed theme
it goes right to the different locations...and shows those icons for you to visually select and change as you wish

In all folders