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Month: March 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Re: my vanishing root partition

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2018 00:53:07 -0700

On Tuesday 20 March 2018 00:36:34 deloptes wrote:
> Felix Miata wrote:
> > Testing for 64-bit support shouldn't be hard or need "techie" help. Fetch
> > and burn a 64-bit network install .iso instead of a DVD, a small fraction
> > of download size and time, and see what happens in clean / install mode.
> >
> > Verifying 64-bit support would be another use for the Knoppix DVD or CD I
> > previously mentioned that a Gparted CD wouldn't likely be designed to do.
> Felix, I didn't follow up this in detail, but why would one use DVD or CD
> today, when there is USB stick that cost nothing?!
> We are in 21st century
I can manage using dd to copy the image to a flash drive; I've done that 
before. But I do have other uses for my available flash drives, although at 
present I could use it as a one-time fix. 

Also, it isn't so important to me to be on the cutting edge of everything. I 
just want to get my computer rebuilt, running and stable. And I have several 
stacks of brand-new, unused 100 CDs and 100 DVDs, but only a few flash 
drives. In any case, this is not so important, and I can manage these 

All I want is to track down the source of this issue, resolve it, then resize 
my root partition and change over to Devuan. And I can change to 64-bit 
later, as well, if that will work. My most pressing problem at the moment is 
why I am losing space on my root partition. Speaking of which: after a couple 
more hours (during most of which I have been offline, as I was attending to 
stuff in the real world), I am now down to 60.3 mb of free space. If you have 
followed these threads, I was at something like 165 mb a few hours ago, and 
200+ mb a day or so ago. 


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