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Month: March 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Re: my vanishing root partition

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:04:54 -0700

On Wednesday 21 March 2018 13:46:12 deloptes wrote:
> William Morder wrote:
> > From Kubuntu 10.04 onwards, I kept trying to get TDE to work with
> > Kubuntu, or with any of the 'buntus. I always ended up with problems that
> > made the computer unusable. Then last year my motherboard got fried by a
> > power surge, so I determined to start over from scratch, and install some
> > kind of GNU/Linux, and settled on Debian as the most stable, with the
> > most forks and variants, and largest community.
> Usually you do clean minimal install of debian, add the trinity sources to
> source.list and install trinity desktop (look at the installation guide)
> As of systemd, I followed recommendations given on the debian-user list and
> you need only to install sysv-rc sysvinit-core sysvinit-utils AFAIR. Then
> automagicall init is used instead of systemd. I used to put
> init=/lib/sysvinit/init into /etc/default/grub, but on the last machine
> where I did the move, I skipped it and I still get init as process #1. I
> have been using this for more than an year now and don't see why one should
> go for devuan.
> For normal average use root and /opt/trinity are about 10G, so if you give
> 20G for root partition, should be sufficient.
> regards
Yes, I believe somebody else mentioned something like this. I don't 
necessarily want Devuan versus Debian, I just want to get sysvinit back, and 
get rid of systemd. I already did some research in this, and believe I am 
about ready to make the transition. I backed up everything, etc. 

By the way, on the Trinity pages, there is nowhere that it describes how to do 
a minimal installation (without other DEs), and just go straight to TDE. It 
is probably there somewhere, but as others have also mentioned, the site is a 
little disorganized, I think due to the fact that pages are added on an ad 
hoc basis, and also that it's pretty much a volunteer project without the 
resources of the bigger names. I realize that redesigning the site is a big 
job, but maybe a link (on the home page) to a site map would be a good place 
to start? 

For myself, I always used either the Trinity installation discs, or more 
usually I would install one of the 'buntus, then use the guide for installing 
TDE; so when I moved to Debian, I followed the same guide. If there were a 
clearly marked place with instructions for minimal installation, I might have 
saved myself a lot of time. Again, I believe that a lot of potential Trinity 
users give up, because those who know already know, and they can only be 
found here on the mailing list. Those who don't know (I mean the total n00bs) 
don't know where to look, nor who to ask for help, and the questions 
discussed on the mailing list are probably over their heads. 

On my root partition, however, I have other stuff installed in opt, such as 
Seamonkey and OpenOffice (don't like LibreOffice, as it messes up my 
documents). Also, other software that I have tried out (such as the Vivaldi 
browser) use the opt folder. (I don't currently use Vivaldi, but I like to 
try out different things, then get rid of them again if I don't like them.) 
So for my purposes, it's probably good to have a root partition that's larger 
than normal, just so I have some wiggle room. I don't really use the home 
partition for saving anything, anyway; everything there is moved to external 
drives as soon as possible. 

Also, thanks to the person who recommended the slacko live iso (based on 
Slackware). It was very small (200+ mb), burned to a CD; also fast, and came 
with many more programs than one would have guessed for such a small 
live/installation disc. It also looked a little primitive or minimalistic, 
but then I value speed and efficiency more than looks. I might try it out 
when I do a dual-boot system. 

Thanks for all the tips, both regarding my root partition, and also for the 
transition from Debian to Devuan, or at least away from systemd and back to 

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