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Month: March 2018

what can I do, uptodare wheezy, to play video3gpp2950.3g2, which claims its an mpeg4

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 21:28:14 -0400

One of my boys sent me this video, video3gpp2950.3g2, claims to be an 
mpeg4, to show what it is he is doing on a new job, which is fixing up 
the damaged electricals after all these nor-easters.

The menu system says noatun, when I click on it in kmail, but its not 
even opening a work window when noatun is entered in a terminal window 
or clicked on in the menu. And no errors are returned in that terminal 

tde 14.0.5, up to date debian 32 bit wheezy.

Ideas to check?


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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