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> Everybody talks about encryption, but not many actually use it. And you > can see why here: because encrypting all alone is like having sex all > alone. Unless you do it together with others, it's just wanking.
I think it is more or less about trust 
in my case the catalyst was reducing the data harvesting my isp can do from my outgoing and incoming email. there is, as various here have noted, little way to prevent this entirely, but it can at least be made a little more inconvenient. thus, when my email leaves here it is encrypted, as it is when it arrives. on the other end it might not be, between the server and those with whom i am corresponding, but that goes into analytics as the mail from-to some guy in switzerland. i've added encrypted dns requests. the goal is like putting locks on the door of your house: it doesn't provide absolute protection, but it makes it mor profitable for the bad guys to look someplace else.