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Month: May 2018

Anyone noticed this with Trinity and plymouthd?

From: Leslie Turriff <jlturriff@...>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2018 05:27:29 -0500
	From the OpenSuSE KDE3 folks.

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Subject: [opensuse-kde3] plymouthd - takes continual 6% CPU with kdm
Date: 2018-05-07, 03:32:08
From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
To: "suse-kde3" <opensuse-kde3@...>


  There is an issue, that this is more to document than anything else. I've
done 2 Leap 42.3 installs. On this last one, after a minimal X install via the
Net-Install CD, I kept an eye on plymouth. In my 1st install, I checked with
top in konsole, more-or-less on a whim, and found plymouthd churning away at 

  On this second Leap 42.3 install (again 1st to minimum X via yast
net-install, because you cannot configure outside repos during install, only
community OSS, OSS-Debug, etc...) -- anyway, I decided to keep a closer watch
on plymouth and find out when it started behaving badly.

  On the initial setup and with the xdm "Default" display manager (that clunky
old thing with the system console window running in bottom-left corner),
plymouthd behaved, no problems. I spent the better part of a day, moving
documents over, .kde, etc.. and installing kde3 and the rest of the normal
things I install. All the while, plymouthd was fine.

  However, after setting kdm3 in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and kde as the
default WM, after rebooting and launching kde via kdm, plymouthd was again
churning away at 6% continually.

  So there is a definite issue with plymouth and kdm. I don't know exactly
why. This 2nd install was to an older laptop, so I didn't have 6% to spare and
just rpm -e all plymouth.... Problem gone.

  If anyone else still has plymouth installed and can check with top to
confirm plymouth is hogging CPU, that would be worth investigating. I can
confirm this on 2 boxes.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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