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Month: May 2018

Re: [Users] Anyone noticed this with Trinity and plymouthd?

From: Leslie Turriff <jlturriff@...>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2018 02:01:04 -0500
On 2018-05-07 09:19:59 Felix Miata wrote:
> Leslie Turriff composed on 2018-05-07 05:27 (UTC-0500):
> > � If anyone else still has plymouth installed and can check with top to
> > confirm plymouth is hogging CPU, that would be worth investigating. I can
> > confirm this on 2 boxes.
> I don't get why anyone thinks Plymouth's basic purpose is more desirable
> than the bloat it represents, or useful at all. I've never had it installed
> on an openSUSE installation unless maybe when it first appeared I didn't
> notice to taboo it. If I did, it was too long ago to remember. Anywhere
> else, e.g. Mageia, where Plymouth was not optional, plymouth.enable=0 went
> on those kernel cmdlines. At boot time, I don't need rainbow fluff and
> spindly or no text instead of nice bold, legible white on black racing so
> fast it can't all be read.
	I agree.  I wouldn't mind these folks adding such new stuff to the distros, 
except that (as KDE did) they tend to make them at best default, and at worse 
mandatory, removing the features we're used to and (sometimes) replacing them 
with "improved" ones. :-(