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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Desktop Icon's

From: Jimmy Johnson <>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2018 01:26:57 -0700
On 05/10/2018 04:27 PM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> On 05/10/2018 09:48 AM, Robert Peters wrote:
>> On 10 May 2018 at 09:45, Robert Peters <robertpeters9@...> wrote:
>>> On 10 May 2018 at 00:29, Jimmy Johnson <> wrote:
>>>> I have Desktop, Behavior, File Icons setup to not show file icons, 
>>>> yet it's
>>>> showing all the files I have in my /home.� Can I fix this so the 
>>>> file icons
>>>> do not show on my desktop?

>>> Right click on the desktop; select Configure Desktop; select Behavior.
>>> "Show icons in the desktop" is first in the list of options.
>>> - Robert
>> Oops, looks like you've done that already.� But your problem doesn't
>> happen on my desktop.
> Thanks Robert, this install was a marge and I figure that's what the 
> problem is.� I need to hunt down the config file that's causing the 
> problem?

I deleted a bunch of home system files after looking to see if they 
where needed and it did not solve the icon problem, so I deleted all the 
home system files and the problem was solved, merging from kde-plasma to 
tde-trinity went desktop icon bonkers.  Deleting /home/user/hidden 
system files fixes desktop icon problem.

Jimmy Johnson

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