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Month: May 2018

a bug in my mouse

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 06:47:15 -0700
Just started getting this bug in my mouse. The left-click function won't work 
on the top menu bar in pretty much any application, on any desktop. I am able 
to access functions sometimes only by using the tab and shift-tab to move 
back and forth through menus, etc.; but this doesn't work in all programs. 

Notably, I can't click on the home icon in any browser, nor can I use any menu 

When I try to right-click, part of my screen (more or less the upper left hand 
corner, about one quarter of my screen) acts like I am on the desktop rather 
than in a program, and I see the menu functions to configure desktop. 

I've seen this bug before, and it seems to go away after weeks of annoying me, 
or I reinstall everything and then (if I recall) it seems to go away, but I 
don't want to reinstall everything over what I think is just a bug. 

Is there perhaps a config file buried somewhere that will fix this bug? Or has 
anybody else ever had a similar problem? 

By the way, it all seemed to start after I used smplayer, on recommendation 
from another user here. (Not blaming anybody, as I have totally messed up 
then rebuilt my machine many times, often just after trying out some new 
program.) I prefer vlc, but that, too, has been buggy and always crashes, and 
smplayer works pretty well. I remember making changes in the smplayer config 
(but nothing that I thought would affect the mouse); although it seems that 
thereafter is when I started having these problems. 

I've gone through the smplayer settings again and again, and don't find 
anything that ought to affect the mouse. 

Please help, if you have any clue what is the cause of this bug. Thanks.