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Month: May 2018

Re: Re: Re: Re: HP laptop volume keys don't work

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 16:58:44 +0200
wofgdkncxojef@... wrote:

> -_- i changed the master channel to PCM, it started working, i changed it
> back to master it kept working.... And now mute button doesn't unmute....
> Maybe this is related to the bug with the icon and slider that don't
> update properly....

What does it mean "And now ..." after you changed back from PCM to Master -
did you reboot in between, or right after the change it does not work, but
after reboot it does?
I agree perhaps someone needs to have a look at kmix, but for me also
mute/unmute works, however I use most of the packages based on master, but
I don't see anything related to kmix in the git log.

My only audio problem is, when I connect a phone via A2DP, I can not hear
anything, although in pavucontrol I see in the volume indicator. It might
be PA related as well though, but it could be that something is missing in