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Month: May 2018

my rebellious lower panel

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 00:42:15 -0700
Another recurring bug: Now, icons, applets, etc., move around, even after I 
lock the lower panel on the screen, even after rebooting, even after I have 
gone through several sessions and reboots. Sometimes icons and applets appear 
on top of one another, or disappear altogether. I unlock the panel and drag 
everything back to where I want it, lock it again, then everything seems to 
settle down for a session. And when I reboot, it's all messed-up again. 

Everything was fine for months on end, until I made the mistake of trying to 
nudge some icons slightly to create a little more empty space. (I even 
restored them to their previous state, and relocked the panel, but that 
didn't work.) 

I've enclosed some screenshots as attachments, so that everybody can see how I 
want it to look (right) and how it gets messed-up (wrong). Note that there 
are several marked "wrong"; and that these kept moving round even though I 
had the panel locked at the time. 

By the way, I am running Debian Jessie 8.8.0 (upgraded to 8.10 or whatever), 
and Trinity R14.0.4. 

Any suggestions or observations will be appreciated. Thanks!