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Month: September 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Konqueror text view

From: ant <aw30@...>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 07:14:36 +1200
On Sun, 11 Sep 2011, Sanne wrote:
> On Sunday 11 September 2011, ant wrote:
> > I'm still struggling with this, as follows:
> > When I open a new directory with Konqueror, it frequently comes up 
in 'Icon
> > View' rather than 'Text View'. I've tried changing and saving view
> > profiles, and looking through every configuration file I can find to see
> > why.
> What I believe I did to make settings stick is:
> - on a folder icon, right click -> Properties
> - click on the "Edit File Type" icon besides "Type: dir"
> - click on "Embedding" tab
> - in the list "Service Preference Order" put your favoured view to the top 
> the list, hit ok to confirm
> I hope it helps. I can't remember if I did anything else, but I *think* 
> it.
> Sanne

This seems to work! Even if it is highly non-obvious. I'll report  back if it 



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