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Month: August 2018

Re: [trinity-users] antiX - debian-based distro - no systemd

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2018 09:48:18 -0700

On Sunday 05 August 2018 07:58:56 Dan Youngquist wrote:
> On 08/04/2018 11:19 PM, William Morder wrote:
> > Just wondering if anybody out there has tried this distro?
> >
> >
> I've had it on the laptop on which I'm typing for a year or so.  It works
> fine, and TDE installed with no problems.  The only thing I don't like
> about it is that it uses wicd for the network manager, which I don't really
> care for with wifi.  So I've been intending to change it to MX Linux, which
> also works fine for me on several machines.

I already install TDE over Debian Jessie with the KDE desktop, so I figured it 
wouldn't be any more difficult than that. And the fact that it runs init and 
not systemd is also good, as I think some of my problems are due to having to 
migrate from Debian to Devuan. I've never been able to do a successful 
installation directly from a Devuan disc, but must install Debian, then 
Devuan, then TDE, then uninstall LibreOffice and install OpenOffice, etc. And 
cannot do net install here, so I need to use a live disc. If my circumstances 
were different, then I would probably take a different approach. 

AntiX, too, sounds like their build without systemd is more integrated, so 
that I don't need to do a lot of messing. And it is for older machines, which 
describes both my desktop and laptop. (My desktop is currently using a laptop 
hard drive as sda1, with a minimal home directory, a fairly large root 
partition, four internal hard drives, two external hard drives, and numerous 
serial devices attached.) So a minimalist distro is probably better for my 

Again, I can work with wicd, but it is not my networkmanager of choice; I'd 
much prefer to use tdenetworkmanager, but somehow that is causing me 
connection problems, whereas I can force my connection to behave by using a 
combination of command-line and wicd. Not how I'd like it to be, perhaps, but 
it works, which is better than the alternative. 

Thanks for everybody's input. I just wanted to know if it was worth wasting my 
time. For the present, Devuan Jessie seems to behave, but I'll wait and see a 
few days more. 

This would all be a lot simpler (at least, from a certain point of view) if I 
still had the luxury of an entire room dedicated to computers, parts, etc., 
where I had several different machines always running, or being rebuilt 
(including a Commodore Amiga 64, and a Mac Classic II), which allowed me more 
experimentation. I've never been a real geek; more a self-hacker, out of 
necessity. Now I must experiment on the same two machines that I need to use 
for work and life. Oh well ... we work with what we have.