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Month: August 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Is there a way to copy weird named files form Konqueror?

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2018 05:26:36 -0700

On Wednesday 15 August 2018 00:37:10 Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 August 2018 04.57:10 William Morder wrote:
> > I liked seeing all the command-line solutions. However, a less technical
> > way, involving a gui, would be just to install the fuseiso9660 package &
> > dependencies. Then copy the CD image to your hard drive.
> I don't manage to make a copy, I get an "input/output" error from dd. k3b
> also fails to copy.

Have you installed libdvdcss2 and libdvdread4 ? This usually applies more to 
DVDs than CDs, but perhaps it will crack the nut. I realize that getting 
these packages is problematic if you live in "certain places"; however, I 
believe that they are available in the VideoLAN repositories, as well as in 
deb-multimedia and MEPIS / mx /antiX repositories. 

## VideoLan - VLC 
# wget -O - | sudo 
apt-key add -
# libdvdcss is available through Git or by browsing the releases.
# Git checkout
# $ git clone

deb /
deb-src /

Change *debian* and *stable* according to your own distribution, of course. 
Better to get these lines from the website itself. 

> I can't mount it either, mount says it can't read the superblock.
I don't think you need to mount the image as such, if it is already copied to 
your hard drive. Just open with fuse9660, and Konqueror will treat it like 
any other folder, and you should just be able to copy the files from the CD 
image folders 

> Just clicking on the CD icon on the desktop works however. Konqueror says
> media:/sr0, I can get there with the command line but ls -a shows only .
> and ..
> Yet konquerors shows files and directories.
If you try to open the CD itself like this, it won't work (as I recall). You 
must first copy the disc image to your hard drive, then open the image as if 
it is a folder in Konqueror using fuse9660. 

> I guess some CD protection is at work there, although why they would
> protect a CD and at the same time provide you with all sorts of soud files
> evades my logic.
> Thierry

It could be that the newer DRM prevents this kind of copying. I have seen CDs 
like you describe before, with wav files as well as mp3s and ogg, all 
contained in folders in the CD structure, but I was able to copy them using 
fuse with no problem. These were older CDs, though, and I must admit that all 
my CDs have been in storage for a couple years now, so in the meanwhile 
things might have changed for the worse. 

You might try opening Konqueror as root: 
tdesu konqueror
and try this again with fuse9660. 

If you still have this problem, I will get some of my own CDS, and do a little 
experimentation and research to see if I can still manage this with newer