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Month: September 2011

Re: [trinity-users] ATI, sound and console

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 20:37:46 -0500
Le 14/09/2011 14:36, Timothy Pearson a �crit :
>>      I have no sound. KMix opens with the mixer "PulseAudio" by default
>> and I have to reconfigure each time in VIA_8237. Also, I use the entry
>> "Line" physical and when the configuration is correct, this input is
>> sent to the audio output of the computer and the level of output (input
>> signal from the "Line", so) is well controlled. But there is no sound
>> from TDE that is audible (noatun or amarok, for example)
> This is probably a defect in PulseAudio itself.  I would suggest removing
> PulseAudio completely if it is causing problems.
>>      I can not install the drivers for my ATI graphics card. The packets
>> manager says that the ATI drivers are installed. The various tutorials
>> found are all refering to the Gnome menus...
> You can run Jockey (the Ubuntu hardware detection utility) by going to the
> Run dialog and type in "kdesudo jockey-gtk" (without the quotes).  The
> fact that Jockey does not show up in the Trinity menu system is a known
> bug that is being worked on for the next release.
>> The key "page-up" does not work the way I know in Kconsole or in
>> standard console: Typing "/etc/init.d/" then page-up displays the last
>> command entered starting with  "/etc/init.d/"... an other SELinux feature
>> ?
> I have no clue on this one, sorry.  It may be an Ubuntu specific setting.
> Tim
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    Hi everybody,

    Thank you for the efficient responses.

    The "snip-snap" of Sanne works well. Thanks to Internet too: 
Could it be include in the future TDE DVD :-) ? Looking for the coloring 
of the "primary" prompt, I see that it is commented out in the file 

    Thank you, Tim:
    I removed everything related to PulseAudio with help of Synaptic and 
rebooted: everything works fine, now.  I am simply surprised that KMix 
does not show the 4 right most sliders visible in KDE3.5.10 (I dont 
remember the name of them) representing 4 "logical" inputs levels... It 
is not strictly needed but I used it before, for exemple: first chanel 
at low level for the background music and the other sliders at the 
maximum in case of an audio notification.

    I remember: I already tryed jokey. "kdesu jockey-gtk" opens a 
progress dialog during the search of drivers, then opens a dialog box 
saying in french that "there is no proprietary driver used by the 
system" (see attached picture). What can I do with this jockey dialog ?  
The french in the dialog displayed after activating the item "Ati 
Catalyst Control Center" is as good as my english :-/, but says 
something similar to Jockey. Is there a way to get a text list of the 
installed packages (from Synaptic or other packages manager) ?

    I feel much better with TDE now, and worse with this unfinished 
Thunderbird... Could I take the risk to import the near 1 giga archives 
of KMail 3.5.10 in KMail 3.5.12 ? Any suggestion before wasting again a 
lot of time ?  (I decided to giveup KMail while testing KDE4)