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Month: August 2018

stretch problems

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 07:12:11 -0400
Installed stretch on a fresh hard drive, using a multiple partition 
setup, default gnome simple install.  Broke my eyeballs and will use up 
a set of batteries in my mouse weekly to get anything done. Its a single 
user, single tasking system, with a busted terminal emulator, at best.

Rebooted back to wheezy and printed the "debian trinity repository 
installation instructions", then rebooted back to stretch to apply them. 
Did, but got an odd error with the import key line.  Fixed trinity.list 
for apt of course first.  But synaptic did run, tde was clear at the 
bottom of the left column, but I found it and 45 minutes and about 
1100MB of downloads later I thought I had enough tde to run. R14.0.5 

Rebooted to stretch, was greeted by the trinity login greeter, thought I 
was home free, but it was quiet for about 45 seconds after I entered the 
pw.  Then boom, I'm looking at the worthless  gnome screen again.

During the install, I was asked which manager to use and clicked on 

But its not sticking, and I can't mount the stretch drive and edit it, 
theres enough diffs between the ext4's that it refuses to mount from 
wheezy.  And if I add it to wheezy's fstab, the reboot locks up and I 
have to use the root pw to get a shell and # sign that line back out of 
wheezy'd fstab. Hopefully I will not have that problem in reverse 
because there's about 150 GB of stuff on the old wheezy drive to copy 
over. I did that, and I could read a dir or 3, but when I rebooted to 
wheezy again, it had to do a 20 minute e2fsck of the wheezy drive, which 
it did w/o reporting any errors.

Looks like I need help before I really screw this up.

So first, what do I edit or nuke to get rid of the gnome over-ride?


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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