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Month: August 2018

Re: [trinity-users] stretch problems

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 12:49:53 -0400
Gene Heskett composed on 2018-08-21 12:06 (UTC-0400):

> On Tuesday 21 August 2018 10:56:56 Felix Miata wrote:

>> As I implied 24 hours ago in this thread, it doesn't need fixing.
>> Jessie came in between Wheezy and Stretch, a long time (two years?).
>> There are multiple workarounds for those who skipped over Jessie:

>> 1-Format the installation target using Wheezy or Jessie or old Knoppix
>> or old anything in advance of starting the installer. Formatting is an
>> /optional/ part of the installation process (as is partitioning).

> I did try to do that, it showed me the partitions I had setup in gparted, 
> but would not skip the selection and format steps.

I think you must be misunderstanding what these steps are. They must be used to
specify which existing partitions to use, where to mount them, mount options,
etc. Once these have been done with supported formatted empty partitions, the
installer will default to "do not format". Even if they managed to return
"format partition", you can change the selection to "do not format".
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