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Month: August 2018

Re: [trinity-users] stretch problems

From: Gene Heskett <gheskett@...>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 20:48:42 -0400
On Tuesday 21 August 2018 18:42:26 Mike Bird wrote:

> On Tue August 21 2018 14:43:38 Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Now, I just did 2 more installs, turning off my speakers first,
> > neither of which installed a byte of grub to the /boot partition. 
> > So I rebooted a third time to the live image, and found no trace of
> > a grub in any dir of the live image boot. So there is no chance of
> > fixing the installers hiccups. I think this last time I had it save
> > the logs to the boot partition on this drive, but I'll be damned if
> > I can find them.
> >
> > I did find a way around formatting the disk, but the first time it
> > mentioned installing grub it wanted to put it in the MBR of
> > /dev/sda1, which I refused as I'll goto the bios boot menu to boot
> > from the chosen disk.  So far I have managed to keep it from
> > screwing up the boot from sda.
> Hi Gene,
> Is there some Trinity bug being reported here that I am overlooking?
> Or would this thread be better directed to a Debian or Devuan mailing
> list related to whichever installer you are experiencing problems
> with, and where the list members might be more able to offer relevant
> advice and solutions?
> --Mike
Maybe Mike, but I've gotten way more help here than on the emc or 
debian-user lists.

Now, you might want a trinity bug report just to keep this a wee bit 
closer to the list topic:

The only problem I have with trinity is I can't install it anywhere 
because the keyserver will not give me a key from the key retrieval 
command line shown in the "Debian Trinity Repository Installation 
Instructions", printed out from the wiki page of that title, its 
refusing my connection but I can ping just fine.

Once I have that, and this next install actually installs a grub2 booter, 
I ought to be off to the races.  The rest of it should be just a-h and 
elbows efforts until I have stretch running as smooth as wheezy is right 
now. As I've probably forgotten 50% of what I did, I know some of it 
will probably have to be re-invented, but I'll at least see the light at 
the end of the tunnel.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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