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Month: September 2011

Re: [trinity-users] TDE 3.12 and KMail

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@...>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 11:04:18 -0800

On Wednesday 14 September 2011 08:35:35 pm Patrick Serru wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My old KMail3.10 directory contains a total of 1GB,for212internal
> directories. For each directory, I had to select all the e-mail content,
> then applied for registration under the "mbox" format, importable by
> other email-clients. This was because KDE4 did not offer a smooth
> transition from KMail3.5 (or I missed it!).
> Now I discover TDE and Thunderbird, I would like to return using KMail.
> My question is:
> "My KMail3.5 directory (and the 300ko kmailrc, including many filters)
> will be treated without difficulty by KMail3.12 or is there a risk of
> existence of time bombs in the bowels of KMail after this transition ?
> Did some Trinity-User do that ?
> > Le 14/09/2011 20:54, Greg Madden a �crit :
> >> Good topic for another thread.

When I upgraded to Debian Squeeze, which uses KDE4, I installed TDE. I was using 
Kontact with the Windowmaker window manager, so I did'nt, still don't, have lots 
of experience with the KDE DE.

I have backups, of /home, at least backup your ~/.kde dir and ~/Mail dir. No 
worries with backups :-)

I renamed my .kde to .trinity. I think it just works, it is the same code. 
My Mail dir is 1.8gb, it is my business email, been around for quite some time. 
don't want to lose it :-)