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Month: August 2018

kmail sends attachment but deletes message enroute

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2018 23:15:19 +0000
hi, everybody!

i'm using kmail-tde via the protonmail bridge beta for email, and i've 
encountered a puzzling issue.

when i send a message with an attachment, the attachment arrives but the 
message space is labeled "Empty Message." this is problematic for a number 
of reasons.

of course i first got in touch with the protonmail people, and we went 
through a few tests -- plain text vs. html and so on -- and no joy. 
they've pointed out that the only linux client they support, anyway, is 
thunderbird, so for everything else we're on our own. (i do not like 
thunderbird and like it even less for its poor support of maildir.)

looking in kmail configuration, the lone reference i see for attachments 
(beside turning on the flag to tell me i used the word "attached" without 
attaching anything) is some sort of outlook mode, which when checked 
flings a warning of Very Bad Things if i use it. (fwiw, protonmail bridge 
does support outlook.)

before i check the box, anybody know what's going on with the attachments 
sending but the messagfs not? btw, they show up just fine in the sent-mail 


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