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Month: September 2018

digikam can't save images in PNG format after editing

From: Stefan Krusche <linux@...>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2018 18:07:33 +0200
Good day everyone,

is anybody using digikam to edit images? I encountered this bug recently, that 
digikam fails with an only general error message "Failed to save file" when I 
try to save an image file in PNG format. It is reproducible like this:

1. start digikam
2. open any image to edit
3. save as: select PNG file
--> failure

Exspected behavior:
3. save as: should save the converted to PNG format image file

Other formats seem to work well, I have tried .jpg, .jp2

In ~/.xsession-errors there are some message which may be related:

Opening the image file into the editor:
TQFile::open: No file name specified
TQFile::open: No file name specified
Exif Qt::Orientation: 1

TQFile::open: No file name specified
TQFile::open: No file name specified
JPEG image preview size: (1280 x 720) pixels - 80124 bytes
libpng error: known incorrect sRGB profile
digikam: WARNING: error saving image '/home/user/xyz/lnw39a.digikamtempfile.tmp

This tmp file is created with zero size and vanishes after clicking ok in the 
dialog with the error message.

Searching the greatest database of all ages taught me that the libpng error 
message is commonly known and that something had been changed in handling PNG 
format which I don't understand really, but my guess is that the interaction of 
digikam with libpng might be affected.

System information:
TDE R14.0.5 (PSB)
digikam 0.9.6 using PNG library version 1.6.28
Devuan ascii

Before I try to find out more and/or create a bug report I'd like to ask if 
anyone has seen this error and knows what to do about it. Any ideas and hints 

Kind regards,