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Month: September 2018

Re: [trinity-users] change TDE language setting instantly + P.P.S. + P.P.P.S.

From: Stefan Krusche <linux@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 10:59:37 +0200
Am Mittwoch, 12. September 2018 schrieb William Morder:
> It could be that I am dense, and have missed what you are really asking.
> (Sorry, I will blame it on lack of sleep and not enough coffee. Yeah, that
> sounds believable....)
> If you mean to change the language settings for the whole TDE desktop ...
> so that all headers - that is, in the programs themselves, are in German
> (for example) - then I think you need to set the locale in the TCC / System
> Administration / login manager / Adminstrator Mode. It has been awhile
> since I played with these settings, but I did try some different language
> settings there. That locale setting changes the GUI for the whole desktop
> (not just, as I was thinking, in Kmail, or in your web browser, or message
> boxes in chat programs, etc.).
> Sorry if I was misunderstanding your question. But this won't *instantly*
> change the whole GUI for the desktop; for that, you would need to reboot
> after making the change.
> Bill

Dear Bill,

I want the menus etc. of one program inside the GUI/TDE changed to another 
language, only that.  Right, you can do that only globally in TCC, and that 
effects only programs started thereafter (or the whole TDE if you logout / 
login).  That is possible in TDE TCC the way I described.  I think, we agree so 
far, and that's what I do.

I switch language in TCC, start a program and switch language back.  I've one 
programming running with a different language GUI.  That's fine, but not 
convenient and rather quite fiddling for my taste.  It would be nice to be able 
to switch the UI language for a particular single program only and, more 
conveniently so.

So, the function is there. Question: how to access it directly? A method with 
one click (like the systray symbol for keyboard layouts), one command (some 
kcmshell or dcopserver thing, haven't tried so far) or one prepended env 
Variable like proposed in other mails would be much appreciated, but as of now 
it seems we haven't found it yet.

Thanks for trying!

Kind regards,

PS: the point of switching language for one program is when I encounter problems 
or questions I want to report to MLs etc. I feel the need to denominate menus 
etc. in English language...