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Month: September 2018

Re: In defense of TDE (or any mature software for that matter)

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2018 22:23:01 +0200
andre_debian@... wrote:

> Linux represents more than 60% on the professionnal market servers.
> Now, all the super calculators are on Linux.
> Microsoft has lost the professionnal market and the mobile market,
> for Android at 95%. It's why, it hates Linux and the openssource,
> tries, to come back on the cloud, to have now friendly relations
> with the opensource environment, and declares that it is
> "the champion of the Opensource" (sic),
> (opensummit exhibition in Paris since more than 5 years,
> it says and writes that).
> In the general public market (the people), Linux has a weak part,
> about 3% (Apple 10%, Windows 85%) and I'm asking why ?
> Maybe Linux is a little bit too complex, the tying practice, computers
> sold with Windows pre-installed, that is a shame,
> and in most of schools, the computers are on Windows (a shame again).
> Microsoft has given a lot of money to the french national education
> ministry, to keep Windows in the french schools (shame number 3),
> (a child always keeps all his life in memory what he learned young,
> and microsoft knows that very well.
> A practice of microsoft also in european countries and in many
> ministries... They invest money to keep the market (shame number 4).
> Android is a Linux system and nobody has difficulties on it,
> said Linus Torvalds.
> My daughter has learned computing on Linux,
> now she is 18 years old and continues on Linux Debian with Trinity
> Desktop.
> Anyway, I prefer Linux and will never come back to windows !

Totally agree with you.

IMO the problem with the desktop is OEM hardware manufacturers and the
complexity of GUI, the lack of interest to invest there because the lack of
interest to implement it on large scale.
In fact it looks like linux is better accepted in Africa (no cost) which was
the goal of Ubuntu.
I recently saw a documentary on M$ and the EU - how the EU abandoned the
open source program or initiative. So there is also a lot of lobbying and
politics involved.
Perhaps it will take another 20y to come up with a useful linux desktop (at
least I hope that it will come up some day)
Last but not least the responsibility - there needs to be something like
RedHat to commercialize the desktop and take the responsibility.
Again I see something like SailFish a good opportunity.

I am really glad there is TDE as I can not imagine using anything else ATM.

We'll see what the future will bring up.