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Month: September 2018

Re: Re: [trinity-users] In defense of TDE (or any mature software for that matter)

From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2018 19:36:04 -0400
> On Saturday 22 September 2018 18:30:20 deloptes wrote:
> > Marvin Jones wrote:
> > > Even though that article is 3 years old, it's something I've
> > > felt for more years than that. =C2=A0 Defense Exhibit A: GIMP
> > I agree in some extent it might be true, but in reality Linux hit the
> > Windows and other servers market heavily. They can not forgive. I also
> > heard there are Linux hater groups inside Microsoft and other corporation.
> > I am unsatisfied with the development of Linux in the past 10yeayrs - loo=
> ks
> > like the new generation has a different point of view on how things should
> > go ... but this is also ok. One gets older anyway
> > regards
> Linux represents more than 60% on the professionnal market servers.
> Now, all the super calculators are on Linux.
> Microsoft has lost the professionnal market and the mobile market,
> for Android at 95%. It's why, it hates Linux and the openssource,
> tries, to come back on the cloud, to have now friendly relations
> with the opensource environment, and declares that it is=20
> "the champion of the Opensource" (sic),
> (opensummit exhibition in Paris since more than 5 years,
> it says and writes that).
> In the general public market (the people), Linux has a weak part,
> about 3% (Apple 10%, Windows 85%) and I'm asking why ?
> Maybe Linux is a little bit too complex, the tying practice, computers=20
> sold with Windows pre-installed, that is a shame,
> and in most of schools, the computers are on Windows (a shame again).
> Microsoft has given a lot of money to the french national education ministr=
> y,
> to keep Windows in the french schools (shame number 3),
> (a child always keeps all his life in memory what he learned young,
> and microsoft knows that very well.
> A practice of microsoft also in european countries and in many ministries...
> They invest money to keep the market (shame number 4).
> Android is a Linux system and nobody has difficulties on it,
> said Linus Torvalds.
> My daughter has learned computing on Linux,
> now she is 18 years old and continues on Linux Debian with Trinity Desktop.
> Anyway, I prefer Linux and will never come back to windows !
> Andr=C3=A9
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
"Anyway, I prefer Linux and will never come back to windows !"
Here here! +1