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Month: October 2018

Re: [users] Re: [users] Re: In defense of TDE copy

From: J Leslie Turriff <jlturriff@...>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2018 15:57:54 -0500

On 2018-10-05 13:49:58 Felmon Davis wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Oct 2018, William Morder wrote:
> > I assumed readers would know I meant that, in Linux, drivers are packaged
> > in a such a way that quite often we "never notice them", as you put it;
> > except, that is, when it comes to third-party, proprietary stuff.
> ok, so it just comes down to a matter of perception but we have
> agreement on what a 'driver' is (thanks, E. Liddel) and also that not
> everything is "out of the box" in Linux for some of us.
> > Thanks for the message, as I am glad to see that your address is not
> > getting marked as spam.
> E. Liddel's messages *always* go to spam in my case as well as one or
> two others. no loss since I regularly check and haul them out but then
> they are not in sequence. my address hides the fact it is a gmail
> system. I should write a filter.
> f.

	The only Linux drivers that I've had problems with are the Wacom driver, 
because of my ancient RS-232 serial-port tablet) and the obscure 
USB-to-serial driver which I tried to use on a machine that had no native 
serial ports.
	I also struggle regularly with the PulseAudio subsystem, which is not well 
supported on OpenSuSE, but I consider it to be an application, not a driver.