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Month: October 2018

TDE on FreeBSD: tdelibs fails to build

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 21:13:31 +0200
Hi all!

I just upgraded my FreeBSD box and ran into this problem when rebuilding tde: dependencies et al. builds fine, tdelibs compiles but after compilation the one test failes:

      Start 31: tdeio/kmimetypetest
31/40 Test #31: tdeio/kmimetypetest ...............................***Failed   

So building tdelibs fails. Running kmimetypetest by hand gives this:
# ./tdelibs/work/tdelibs-trinity_14.0.5/.build/tdeio/tests/kmimetypetest
kmimetypetest: WARNING: Could not find mime type
kmimetypetest: WARNING: No mime types installed.
ERROR: icon for file:///root is unknown, expected folder!

Running as user gives the same error, just with file:///[user] in the last line.

Is this test important or can I just work my way around and everything will turn out nice?


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