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Month: October 2018

wireless interface not recognized on boot

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 15:01:13 -0700
My network connection has been pretty stable; but after a few days up and 
running, I start to notice hints of connection issues. I get knocked offline, 
or at any rate cannot connect, but I only notice when a web page won't load 
or Kmail gives me an error message. (I don't get a notification that I am now 
offline.) I can usually reconnect, though sometimes I notice what seem to be 
lingering ghosts of dead connections, with my old IP address(es), even though 
I've killed all my previous connections. After I reconnect, I can use email, 
surf the web, whatever, but these issues tend to increase, and my connection 
seems unstable, though I cannot tell why. 

When at last I reboot my system, the startup shell invariably tells me that my 
wireless connection (wlan0) is not recognized, although eth0 is okay. I have 
managed to get my wireless connection back by booting with a live Debian or 
Devuan disc, where my wireless connection is always available. Then I reboot 
into my Devuan system, and usually my wireless connection is again recognized 
and available; it used to be that this trick always worked, but now it only 
works sometimes. 

My connection issues also used to get worse over time; then I would reinstall 
my system, and everything would be fine once more, and only deteriorate over 
several weeks or so. But now I've reinstalled my system a couple times, and 
these wireless issues seem to be constant, even on a fresh installation. 

A direct connection is not possible; wireless internet service is available to 
tenants in my building (although I'm sure that, by now, in my neighborhood, 
everybody's dog has cracked our insecure password). And while this is a 
desktop computer that I'm using, I get wireless by using a wifi antenna, 
which has served me reliably for years. 

Another interesting detail: I tried using an old Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron live 
CD to boot the computer, and it also did not recognize my wireless 
connection; so I wonder if this is not a TDE bug, rather than a problem with 
the Devuan system. I haven't tried booting into other desktops yet, but I 
suppose I could install some other DEs and compare. 

I've already tried every command-line solution I could think of: 
ifup / ifdown
iwconfig wlan0 txpower on
and so on. 

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to include whatever details might be 
significant. Any suggestions for how to resolve these issues (other than by 
reinstalling yet again) would be most appreciated.