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Month: November 2018


From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 20:01:38 +0000
Hello Michael,

>With all things Nix, there's probably 20 different ways to do what 
>you want.

>First though, how do you want to access one machine form the other?  
>Just files?  Command prompt?  Full screen access?

>SSH will do files and command prompts, these should give you 
>the .basics and you should be able to search for the rest from 


>For full screen access search on "How to Remote Control Linux From 

>The first comment on security in this is is pretty useful if you're 
>going that route:


Thank you for you reply !
First it seems that google isn't talking to me again.
I had no Idea that you had replied to me until I went and looked on 
the web.

Initially just files !
You may recall a little while ago I asked whether anyone knew if HP 
Elite 8300 machines were OK for Linux.  Well they are, I've just 
bought one.  i7 8 core 3.4 GHz cpu, 10 GB ram, 500 Gb HDD, DVD rom, 
GB Ethernet card.  On board graphics and sound.
Amazingly Q4OS simply installed and works with no issues at all.  Yes 
I had to format the HDD to get rid of Win10, but I didn't want 
windows anyway.

My old machine has four HDD, and nearly 2 Tb of data on them.  So I 
thought rather than start buying cases for the HDD, I would just get 
the two machines to talk to each other, transfer any settings and 
carry on from there.

But I have no real Idea how to go about it, hence the question.

I'll go through the links that you have so kindly provided and see how 
I get on.

Thanks again.

Best Regards: