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Month: September 2011

Re: [trinity-users] TDE package(s) installing kdesudo as unwanted "recommends" in Squeeze

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 11:08:29 +0100
On 21/09/11 07:26, Timothy Pearson wrote:

>> This is REALLY a stretch, but perhaps someone thought that installing
>> a multimedia package would lead to wanting to fiddle with the audio
>> and video drivers on the machine, and that was a good reason to
>> recommend KDE-specific tools for that??
> Actually, that's it exactly.  Typical hack-arounds for inaccessible
> devices usually include running the offending application as root to make
> sure that permissions are not part of the problem.  Not that I encourage
> this behaviour, but you have to remember that I inherited the original
> packaging control files from Ubuntu, and apparently someone there thought
> this was a good idea...
> Why don't you create a bug report listing the various packages that
> incorrectly recommend sudo, and I'll do a batch commit removing the
> offending recommends from Debian.
> Tim

Thanks Tim. I didn't want to clutter the bug-tracker with invalid stuff, 
without doing some research. Maybe root is needed to set up sound 
server, cdrom devices... but should not have to use only sudo on a 
Debian box.

I never used Ubuntu, far as I read the root account is disabled 
altogether and sudo used for everything, unlike Debian.

Both kdesudo-trinity and sudo-trinity are purged from my system and it 
runs extremely well.

<apt-cache showpkg kdesudo-trinity> lists as Reverse Depends (I think 
that includes the recommends):
Reverse Depends:

so they are probably the only ones in question. Kde-trinity I see is a 
meta for the entire desktop and lists kdesudo-trinity as an actual 
dependency (I don't use kde-trinity, preferring to install from a custom 
package list)

I looked also at sudo-trinity <apt-cache showpkg sudo-trinity> :
Reverse Depends:

kde-core-trinity seems another meta, not installed here. Note 
sudo-trinity is an actual dependency of smb4k. I don't know how 
sudo-trinity will affect the system as I prefer to use it (sudo 
disabled)  Fortunately for me I don't use smb4k.

By the way, a reminder to new Debian/TDE users that normal kdesu is 
still broken for Trinity apps unless used as :
<kdesu application --nonewdcop> with kdesudo-trinity purged (maybe also 
sudo-trinity) and ~/.trinity/share/config/kdesurc manually edited.

Regarding package managers, as I understand it, the important thing is 
to stick with just one, usually aptitude or apt-get, to be sure the same 
database and logs are used. Nobody much uses dselect now but I suppose 
that is a valid choice if preferred, else it wouldn't exist. A 
desktop-specific manager (kpackage) seems to me asking for trouble.