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Month: November 2018

importing very old email into kmail

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 16:42:57 +0000
hi, everybody . . .

i keep a running archive, in maildir format, of email going back to my 
first days using the pre-1.0 beta of KDE. it's cool to have an 
occasionally useful.

over the weekend i was finally able to copy email even older than that from 
my old OS/2 drive.

(in case it's of interest, here's how i was able to do it. the drive was 
formatted hpfs, and the data were in a logical partition of 641mb -- the 
old drive was only 2.1gb. using an ide-usb adapter i was able to mount the 
drive but even with the hpfs kernel driver loaded it would not read. so i 
made a dd image of the partition and was able to then mount the image and 
everything was tickety boo.)

the email came in via the MR/2-ICE (Mail Reader /2 Internet Cruiser 
Edition) email client. while the messages are not in maildir format -- i'm 
not even sure maildir existed in 1994 -- they are in individual files as 
is maildir. ingoing and outgoing messages are stored in the same 
directory, the former having an .RCV extension and the latter with an .OUT 
extension. if i click on one of either type, it pops up just fine in a 
kmail window, all fields populated accurately.

my initial thought was to make a /MR2-mail subdirectory in my KMail mail 
directory, copy them all into that, then sort them into my currently 
existing folders as appropriate. but then i hit a problem: the .OUT files 
show up just fine, but the .RCV files don't. (best i can tell, they differ 
only in the extensions -- both, when clicked on, open in a KMail message 

before i simply do a mass rename, i thought i'd see if there's some proper, 
approved method for importing such messages/files into KMail. i keep 
thinking that the method i'm using might cause my esiating email files to 
blow up or something. is there?

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