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Month: November 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Re: Trinity configuration & how to disable events audio sound?

From: Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@...>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2018 11:35:39 +0100
On 19/11/2018 09:10, Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> Oh, I remeber this pain:-)  You'll have to set some environment variables and other stuff. This is from my BSD box running fvwm, but it sould work on linux as well (just replace the fvwm line with i3):
> 	# TDE Compatibility:-)
>          export TDE_FULL_SESSION=false
>          export TDEHOME=$HOME/.trinity
>          export TDEROOTHOME=/root/.trinity
>          export TDE_MULTIHEAD=false
>          export TDEDIR=/opt/trinity
>          export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/opt/trinity/etc/xdg
>          export XDG_DATA_DIRS=/opt/trinity/share:/usr/local/share:/usr/share
>          tdeinit_shutdown
>          tdeinit
> #       terminator --geometry=800x500-0-0 &
> 	fvwm >/tmp/fvwm.log 2>&1
>          tdeinit_shutdown
> Nik

OK, thanks.

If my understanding is correct, it means that this peice of script will
be responsible of launching i3 (replacing line =fvwm >/tmp/fvwm.log
2>&1=), right?

In my case, I rely on any "dm* /etc/init.d/ script (like xdm, tdm,
lightdm, tdm, gdm3, etc.) to do so.

I have dig into X11 init sequence, looks like a Hell to me, like the
sourcing (or not) of /etc/profile for X login sessions...
My feeling is that we never know who is responsible for what, you read
cryptic documentation, you configure things, and in the end nothing
works like expected because each *dm* scripts has its own hard-coded