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Month: October 2011

downloading TDE...

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 18:19:18 -0500
Hello everyone,

By reading one of the last posts, I thought I could maybe try to compile 
TDE ... Until now, every time I looked at the documentation, I found far too 
complicated for a simple French technician. Beginning with CVS, which I find 
as friendly as a prison door. Finally: re-trying...

user @ system :/.../ bin / TDE $ svn co svn: / / / home / 
kde / branches / trinity. /
A kdeutils / kdelirc / profiles /
svn: Compression of data failed svndiff

"Compression of svndiff data failed!" What can I do with this mistake! The 
problem probably occurred on the server, the client must unpack only, I 
suppose ... I ask but no matter the answer.

TDE is the system that I use as much as possible (I use the old to manipulate 
sounds with Audacity and sometimes to use LibreOffice). I am not using a 
virtual machine ... My dream is to compile TDE 3.5.12, on something like Arch 
Linux or Suse 10.3, that is: a distribution without SELinux. I also had the 
dream of helping the development of TDE, but you will understand from reading 
this post that will remain only a dream.

There is no question in this post, but where should I indicate the existence 
of this "Compression of data svndiff failed" error? This is not a bug, is it? 
I talk about this error here because I noticed that the developers also read 
this list ... 

I love TDE an thank the developpers for the nice job they have done and still 

Good luck to everyone,